This is the radio detector van.  It is used by the Gestapo to locate spy's sending messages by short wave radio. Another miniature that will be animated and keyed over live action.

Here is the car that will be used by the resistance. Again, this is a miniature that will be computer animated and keyed over live action.

Here is a German train on a bridge. This is a German BR-80 loco as used during WW-2. This is the bridge that will be blown up by the resistance. These miniatures will be animated and keyed over live action.

Here is some Nobel's 808 plastic explosive. Our agent and the Resistance will use it to blow up the railway bridge as well as disabling trains and blowing up power stations, transformers and power pylons.  This is what they used those days. It was dropped by parachute and the agents taught the Resistance how to use it. Along with the 808 are detonators, Bickford safety fuse and time pencils.Time pencils were specially made for the SOE and gave delays from minutes  to days.

Here is a power pylon that the resistance will blow up. This is part of a plan to cut power to important French factories that the Germans are using for weapons manufacture.
This is a miniature I have made that will be computer animated and 
combined with live action

'Ofa is standing beside a German locomotive that will be disabled by the Resistance.  808 plastic explosive will be used to damage one of the cylinders and put it out of action. The Resistance can put all the trains in the railway yard out of action in one night.

This is the war train that Nicole and the resistance will derail by blowing up the railway line.

The model train will be animated and keyed over a real life background. It will be a night scene

This is a miniature of German soldiers on a BMW R-75 motorcycle with sidecar. They will be computer animated and combined with live action.

Here is the German Soldier's uniform on a mannequin. 

Here is a KAR 98 German rifle. It will be used by the German soldiers. 

Her is 'Ofa checking out the KAR 98. They were also used by the Resistance who took them off German soldiers that had been killed. 

Here 'Ofa is modelling a silk scarf of the type worn in France in the 1940's. 

This is the gun that Louisa of the Resistance will carry. It was a souvenir that her father brought back from the Great War. It is a pre war German Mauser C-96. The part of Louisa is played by 'Ofa Bannister.


This is the Sten gun that 'Ofa will use as she acts as a member of the French resistance. These sub machine guns were made very cheaply and very quickly. The factories that made them employed mostly women and girls. Over four million were made. It looks a roughly made gun but it was reliable and helped win the war. They were parachuted in behind enemy lines for agents and resistance fighters.

Here is 'Ofa checking out the Sten Gun.

 The sten Gun can be quickly dismantled and easily hidden.

Here is a pistol used by the Germans

Here is the German pistol in it's unusual styled holster.

Here is the pistol with the holster opened. You can see that it is designed for quick access.

'Ofa in the unofficial uniform of the Resistance.

Another prop for our SOE Agents movie. This is the "S-Phone", one of the best kept British secrets of World War two. This allows an operator on the ground to hold a conversation with someone in an aircraft. It makes use of another best kept British secret, the radar mounted in the aircraft. The operator wears the S-phone strapped to her chest and orients her body so the antenna is pointed at the aircraft. Only an aircraft in a direct line with the antenna can make communication. It is impossible for the enemy to detect or eavesdrop on the conversation. This is a two way radio and is used like a normal telephone. In fact it is this technology that lead to the development of the "cell phone". Our agent will use the S-phone to give a message that is so top secret that she can't afford to run the risk of the enemy intercepting it on normal radio. Someone in the aircraft will then deliver the message personally to the SOE Head Office.

This is the S-phone equipped aircraft that the Major will ride in so he can communicate with the agent.

One of the scenes in our movie will be something like this.
The Major is in the bomber talking to the agent on the ground who is using the S-phone.

An Enigma Machine.  This is the German coding machine which our agent captures and takes back to England.

Westland Lysander, also known as the Lizzie. Used for recovering secret agents from occupied France during World War two. This is how our agent gets out of France and back to England. There was a ladder permanently attached to the side of the aircraft for speedy entry. Sometimes the plane didn't have time to stop and the agent had to climb the ladder while it was on the move.
This miniature will be animated and keyed over a live background.

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